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2022/23 Private School Admissions Webinar Series

KEY’s Integrated Solution for Private School Admissions

When private schools open their application portal every year, many parents begin to get stressed with all the necessary preparation work. First, they need to get the application materials ready, then they must write their parent statements, and next they have to find the right person to write a reference letter. Meanwhile, it is essential that they enhance their children’s academic performance and develop critical skills to meet private school enrollment standards. It is very common for first-time applicants to make mistakes and miss the chance to get an offer due to a lack of familiarity with the application process.

Since 2011, KEY has provided professional services to help families applying for private schools. We offer an integrated solution which is created by our expert team, consisting of former private school admission officers, former private school educators, and highly experienced advisors. This includes:

  • Specialized curriculum for private school admissions
  • Customized application strategy for each family
  • Family profile development action plan
  • School visit scheduling and coaching
  • Communication management
  • Monthly application status check-ins
  • Material quality control
  • Interview coaching for parents and students
  • Private school onboarding services

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KEY has helped hundreds of families gain admissions to top private schools from 2011 to 2023.

KEY’s Junior Scholar and Teen Scholar Curriculum

The curriculum that targets private school admissions in Vancouver.

  • Uses KEY’s unique 6 Cs ™ Education Philosophy to help children build a strong foundation success
  • Enhances qualities private schools look for: social skills, emotions management, and academic ability
  • Helps prepare for private school assessment and admission
  • Family support

About KEY's 6Cs™

KEY 6 Cs™ education philosophy consist of 6 characteristics for success in private school and university admission.

  • Curiosity

    Expands curiosity based on the child’s topic of interest to build a scientific and truth-seeking spirit.

  • Creativity

    Thru teaching the use of imagination, help develop the child’s ability to solve problems in the future creatively.

  • Critical and Strategic Thinking

    Thru facilitate questioning, builds the habit to think deeply.

  • Confidence

    Satisfying the child’s positive psychological development needs to build a character with self respect, self discipline, and self confidence.

  • Collaboration

    Improves listening and communication skill to prepare for future team collaboration situations.

  • Character

    Learns to take responsibility of ones action to develop a positive and open mind.

KEY Education Program Blueprint

Unique Advantages of KEY's Education System

  • 1. Family Scorecard / Assessment

    Through our Family Scorecard, not only do we get a better understanding of your child’s special traits, advantages and needs, so that we can customize their education program to better develop their potential, but also we will have a better understanding on the family, allowing us to develop the most suitable private school application strategy for you.

  • 2. Continuous Evaluation

    Continuous evaluations can help us confirm the areas your child needs to improve on next, so that we can concentrate on those areas and optimize their chances of acceptance by your chosen private schools.

  • 3. Junior and Teen Scholars Support Program

    Our Junior and Teen Scholars Language Support Program will help your child gain the language proficiency needed to excel in our Scholars Program.

  • 4. Junior and Teen Scholars Program

    Our integrated ECE program improves students abilities on three main aspects: social and emotional intelligence, academic abilities and language proficiency – qualities valued by private schools.

  • KEYS to Leadership

    Our KEYS to Leadership ™ three-part program builds the crucial leadership skill of debate, public speaking, and our proprietary Keys to Success curriculum; these skills are essential for taking on any leadership role, be it in the academic or public sphere. When the course is complete, your child will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the unique balance between moral character, justice, leadership and teamwork.


    Debating has been called “fencing with words.” Experience this amazing art of verbal warfare and gain more confidence with every class. Your child will build debating skills working with a team to become a power team player at impromptu as well as fixed topic debating. Your child will gain critical thinking skills as well as enhance their creativity, logic, and confidence. .

    Public Speaking

    This course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be successful in life. Through understanding of voice control, body language, gestures, intonation, and passion, your child can learn to be a persuasive speaker. In this course your child will practice the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great, dynamic speaker.

    Keys to Success

    Students will explore and discuss diverse topics that will expand their critical thinking and hone their abilities in classroom discussion. Class time will be spent talking about, presenting on, and debating topics pertinent to the world today. Learn formative skills for leadership in an engaging and supportive classroom environment and equip your child with the skills for short term and long-term success.

    Academic Abilities

    Reading and Creative Writing

    Our instructors, who are working professional writers, help students tap into their creative centers, focus their ideas, properly use literary tools and learn the value of story structure while crafting their own short stories. When complete, your child will be able to demonstrate a capacity to write creatively by learning how to do it and what strategies/skills needed to produce it.

    Subject Tutoring

  • Monitoring your child’s progress to ensure learning objectives are met.
  • Make suggestions to accelerate your child’s academic success.
  • Provide customized timelines and recommendations along with clear expectations.
  • 5. External Exam Assessment (SSAT Based)

    Our formal pre-application will help decide if your child is ready to prepare for their private school admission.

  • 6. Private School Preparation Course

    We will put your children through an intensive preparation course with simulated admission tests before the actual admission assessment. This will help your child stand out among peer applicants.

  • Unlock Your Soft Skills

    This course strengthens your child's soft skills and helps them prepare for the private school group assessment: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, confidence, character, and curiosity are emphasized.


    We have developed a unique SSAT learning system that incorporates both group and individual lesson plans, allowing our teachers to customize the curriculum to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Essay Writing for Admissions

    This course will help your child produce the essay needed to help gain admissions to top-tier universities by helping students discover their own stories, how to structure them to ensure required prompts are answered, and how to add those important details that make an admissions essay stand out from the pile of other applicants.

  • 7. Private School Application Support

    We can provide support throughout the private school application process:

    • Pre-Application Supports - Family profile development, extracurricular/community involvement planning, cultural readiness, school options
    • Application Supports – Application documents, parent statement, reference letter, differentiating your family
    • Process Supports - Open house preparation, interview preparation, communicating with private schools
    • Post Application Supports – Outcome resolution, academic pathway planning

  • 8. Family Support

    We can provide customized support based on the Family Scorecard. As parents, you play important roles in your child’s learning. We will provide you with advice on how to support your child at home so that study becomes an important component of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a private school for my child?

A: Choosing a school based only on its ranking is sometimes biased. At KEY, we suggest all the families to choose the best fit school instead of the top-ranking school for their children. That means you need to do a deep dive in analyzing your child and family and evaluating your target schools. What is your child’s learning style? Is your child’s academic rigour match what private schools require? Does the learning environment of your target school suit your family values? Our personal approach, academic planning and customized private school admissions guidance are here to help you find the perfect match!

When should I consider applying to private schools?

A: You need at least one year to prepare for private school applications. For some highly competitive schools, you need to have a two-year plan, sometimes even multiple years, before you receive an offer from your dream school. Depending on the school, the number of spaces at each intake year may vary; some begin their intake process as early as pre-kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten, others do not offer any new spaces until later grades. Generally speaking, we recommend families to begin the preparation work as early as possible in order to maximize their competitiveness. At KEY, our Private School Preparation (PSP) program aims to help young children develop their spark and shine in the private school admissions process.

What do I need to do for private school application?

A: Private school application is a complicated process especially if you don’t understand the local education system and its nuance. The whole process consists of many steps, such as parental statements, student statements, reference, parent interview, student interview, student video, student drawing and many other crucial components. Since every step counts in the application process, KEY’s admissions guidance team is here to help you put your best foot forward and solidify your every step towards the winning end.