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Intensive English

This immersion program improves your child's reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation in ways that help them communicate and perform in the classroom as well as building the foundation to close the gap to English native-like proficiency. Your child will develop skills in grammar, punctuation and other viral conversation elements of English required for top performance in the Western education system.


Beginner & Intermediate


Keys to Leadership™

Our KEYS to Leadership ™ three-part program builds the crucial leadership skill of debate, public speaking, and our proprietary Keys to Success curriculum; these skills are essential for taking on any leadership role, be it in the academic or public sphere. When the course is complete, your child will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the unique balance between moral character, justice, leadership and teamwork.


Learn how to argue and win!

Debate is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to be successful in life. This is the first course in our 3 part series “Debate, Presentations, and Keys to Success”. Master the art of logic, rebuttal, warrant, and switch-side debating. This fun and entertaining class will build life-long skills that you will use everyday. Debating has been called “fencing with words.” Experience this amazing art of verbal warfare and gain more confidence with every class. Your child will build debating skills working with a team to become a power team player at impromptu as well as fixed topic debating. Your child will gain critical thinking skills as well as enhance your creativity, logic, and confidence. What a great opportunity to have fun learning in a dynamic environment with other students just like your child.

Public Speaking

Ace the next school presentation! Get over the presentation jitters! Increase your child's confidence! Learn to speak like a leader! This course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be successful in life. Face it. When we speak we are always on display. How your child come across to others has a big impact on whether they take them seriously or even listen to you at all. Learn the right way to get a message across. Through understanding of voice control, body language, gestures, intonation, and passion, your child can learn to be a persuasive speaker. In this course your child will practice the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great, dynamic speaker.

Keys to Success

We are pleased to offer our highly successful Keys to Success program. This program goes beyond academics to teach life skills essential to adapting to a changing, modern, globalized world. Previous graduates post an unusually high success rate of gaining admission to and succeeding at highly selective private schools. Based on KEY’s 6 Cs (curiosity, collaboration, confidence, character, creativity, and critical thinking), this program instills a strong foundation to thrive in the classroom and develop a mindset for future success. Students will explore and discuss diverse topics that will expand their critical thinking and hone their abilities in classroom discussion. Class time will be spent talking about, presenting on, and debating topics pertinent to the world today. Learn formative skills for leadership in an engaging and supportive classroom environment and equip your child with the skills for short term and long-term success.


KEY offers an exclusive SSAT program that is guaranteed* to improve your child’s test score by at least 200 points.

We have developed a unique SSAT learning system that incorporates both group and individual lesson plans, allowing our teachers to customize the curriculum to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This includes:

  • A comprehensive online support system is included for every student that takes the course, allowing students to track their progress and to identify areas of improvement.
  • The combination of digital and in-person learning has shown to provide the greatest score improvement. Our Summer curriculum is a 60-hour program that takes place over a month with three hours of instruction per day.
  • Test taking is a skill that takes time to develop, and KEY’s program reveals to students tips and study habits to help them master the SSAT.
  • Vocabulary learning and additional at-home learning resources are provided to help students continue their improvement.

Three Levels




Creative Writing and Critical Thinking

Our instructors, who are working professional writers, help students tap into their creative centers, focus their ideas, properly use literary tools and learn the value of story structure while crafting their own short stories. When complete, your child will be able to demonstrate a capacity to write creatively by learning how to do it and what strategies/skills needed to produce it.


Three Levels

Elementary Level

Middle Level

Advanced Level

Unlock Your Soft Skills

This course strengthens your child's soft skills and helps them prepare for the private school group assessment: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, confidence, character, and curiosity are emphasized. Instructors will teach students fundamental skills like decision making, listening, leadership, negotiation and analytical skills. Your child will develop a tool kit for creative thought processes around critical thinking questions, current events and ethical debates.

Literary Analysis and Reading Comprehension

This interactive workshop will take your child on a journey through the poetry, short stories and novels of authors—many of which are Canadian—to teach them the tools for analyzing literature in the classroom like a pro. Through our exploration of genres and styles, your child will gain broader understanding of literature.

Three Levels





Short Stories / Novel Studies

This course is designed to build reading skills and expose your child to different genres of literature that are typically missed in the public school systems but required for University or other top-tier academic private schools. Your child will be asked to research concepts and provide reasoning to their answers to encourage curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and character building so their writing and reading comprehension demonstrate mature skills.

Three Levels




Subject Tutoring

Subject Tutoring allows for your child to select particular subjects they find difficult or would like to get ahead in. We offer classes that are private, semi-private and group for all subjects.

The Newsroom: writing for current events

This course lets your child dig into the inner-working of the newsroom - writing for newspapers, television, radio and digital publications. They will be able to create an online presence to learn to share your opinions with reason, evidence and clarity of thought.

Three Levels




Cultural Etiquette: social survival skills

This course will address the Western cultural customs such as proper greetings, body language and ways to communication with the city for new immigrants. This is the perfect course to prepare for group or individual interaction with the private school faculty and teachers, meetings with other professionals, academics, and more.

Singapore Math

This course introduces the cutting edge approach to learning math by developing the mastery of a concept versus the common approach of the memorization method, building a foundation of core concepts in math through active learning.

Essay Writing for Admissions

This course will help your child produce the essay needed to help gain admissions to top-tier universities by helping students discover their own stories, how to structure them to ensure required prompts are answered, and how to add those important details that make an admissions essay stand out from the pile of other applicants. Your child will use the guidance of expert writers to ensure their writing conveys intelligence, proper transition usage, refined and impressive vocabulary, and proper mapping techniques.

Academic Writing for University

Your child will learn advanced academic writing skills including an in-depth examination of the Chicago, MLA and APA style manuals that serve as the basis for all university writing that are not addressed in high school. When complete, they will have developed advanced academic writing skills.

Study Prep Workshop

This course will allow your child to dabble in each of the most effective study practices as determined by top-tier Universities such as Harvard to find which method works best for them.