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Michael Powell

Senior Education Manager

Michael believes that learning occurs through both practice and reflection, and that teachers need to intentionally teach children to think, make connections, collaborate and reflect on learning. He believes in the importance of listening, communicating effectively, and building relationships. Michael encourages structure and planning in order to meet learning goals and values the partnership between school and home. He knows that all children are born with curiosity and a desire to learn and that everyone can be successful in life by knowing themselves and finding their natural talents.


Wanda LaClaire

KEY Scientist In Residence | Key常驻科学家

Wanda is an experienced non-traditional education professional. While working at the H.R. MacMillan Planetarium, she designed and implemented hands-on workshops, demos, classroom programs, small stage demo shows, as well as large theatre productions to educate all ages in a fun and engaging manner. She created programming that met B.C.


Denise Tom

English/SSAT/ Singapore Math Educator | 英语/SSAT/ 新加坡数学讲师

Denise is an experienced and passionate English instructor. Her ability to connect with her students allows her to create a classroom environment that optimizes learning. She has worked with students from a variety of backgrounds, including adults and children that are new to Canada.


Natasha Neely


Natasha is a dedicated educator and yoga teacher, and has been working in a diverse range of schools since 2015. Originally graduating as a Geography high school teacher through Teach First UK, she has since worked in outstanding elementary schools and classrooms. Her classes are founded on the belief that all children are innately curious, and she builds on this with creative inquiry focused learning.

Through her work as a yoga teacher, Natasha’s goal is to foster self-confidence, build focus and reduce stress in children, providing a holistic, well-rounded education where they can become self-assured global citizens. She says, “My goal as an educator is to engage students with a lifelong learning journey where the whole class develops together, and failure is a stepping stone to success rather than a barrier to it.”


Daryl Wakeham


Daryl taught English and Social Studies in both the public and private education sectors for 38 years. Most recently, he taught at St. George's School for 25 years, eventually becoming the Head of the Personal Counselling Department for the last 10 years of his time at the school.

In order to keep his academics and his love of teaching strong, he also taught English 11 AP.
His goal is to use his teaching and counselling experience to help bring teachers, coaches and parents to the collaborative table to creatively maximize our students’ potential.

He found that maintaining a good relationship is imperative in education. Students must feel that their teacher and advisors know them, so that when issues arise or difficulties manifest themselves, they are more likely to ‘listen’ and embrace a learning strategy.


Max Metzner

English and Math Educator | 数学, 科学, 英语和 讲师

Max is a Philosophy Undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. He is patient and compassionate, and he loves to inspire his students. Max enjoys hiking, cycling and both playing and coaching hockey.


Rebecca Lim


Rebecca has been tutoring multiple subjects since 2014 and has a passion for educating and inspiring the next generation of learners. She is committed to helping her students achieve their goals by tailoring lessons to their learning styles and building their self-confidence through hard work. She loves making her students laugh and creates a welcoming environment to ensure that her students feel comfortable throughout their lessons. When she isn’t in the classroom or in the lab, you can find her reading, playing the ukulele, or cooking.