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The KEY experience

At KEY we help students make the most out of their education by cultivating a love of learning and empowering them to make informed educational choices. From early childhood education to university admissions guidance, KEY works with each student to lay the critical foundations of learning so your child can discover new possibilities and act on them. We challenge students to strive for independence and to discover their passions by engaging their own unique interests.

The KEY Approach

KEY Education (KEY) is a Vancouver-based admissions guidance and learning enrichment company. While we may be a local market leader, our reach is global. Our team consists of qualified professionals who are passionate about education, making KEY the trusted source for families wanting high-quality supplementary education services and guidance in applying to top-tier independent schools and universities around the world.

Quick Facts

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Year of Incorporation: 2011

Ages of Students Assisted: 2.5 – 19 years old

Number of Students Assisted: 500+

Number of Staff: 15 full-time, 18 part-time (including tutors)

KEY’s Three Pillars

“The first 15 years of your life determine the next 50.”

At KEY, we approach every relationship with this philosophy at the core. Our three divisions provide comprehensive support to families to meet their children’s educational needs. We believe in lifelong learning and encourage our students to become active learners. All of KEY’s programs incorporate ways to engage and improve each student’s 6 C’s: creativity, curiosity, character, confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration.

I. Early Childhood Education

High quality early childhood programs can yield a $4 – $9 dollar return per $1 invested.

KEY believes in innovation, launching Vancouver’s first an ECE program to help families eager to jumpstart the private school application process. We understand that a child’s formative years are most crucial in building lifelong skills. This program develops classroom readiness skills for students ages of two and a half to six years old. We teach children essential skills and concepts for long-term success while fostering emotional and social development.

II. Tutoring and Classes

The scope of our tutoring program goes beyond teaching various subjects such as Math, English, Science, or Socials. We believe each student brings unique strengths and weaknesses. Our expert tutors consider the individual child and how they learn best, ensuring weaknesses are addressed and strengths are improved. KEY has established a proprietary tutoring program to properly assess, monitor, and pair our students with the right tutor so that the learning process is engaging and effective. We also offer group classes in ESL, creative writing, SSAT preparation, and speech and debate.

III. Private School and University Admissions Guidance

KEY’s admissions experts–graduates and former staff members of elite private schools and universities–strengthen your experience with our insider perspective and up-to-date information on the latest admissions trends. We help identify right-fit schools, create academic and extracurricular plans, guide students on creating a compelling application, and coach parents and students to make the best impression in school visits and interviews. This insight provides our families with the right information in order to focus your preparation and make the best decisions to find the right fit institution for each child.

Our Values

Our values inform how we run our company; treat our students, families, and staff; and, ultimately live our lives. Our unwavering commitment to these tenants is how we help you succeed.

Family is Key

Family is the ultimate unit of measurement for a strong society and the building block of legacies. We take care with all our clients, students, and interactions. We value the relationships.

Kaizen Thinking

Japanese for “(continuous) improvement”. Just as our clients are on a life-long journey of improvement and learning, we understand that we too must constantly build and grow our expertise.

Honourable Action

We take pride in our work and consider it an honour to further the legacies of others. We work to earn the respect of our families and students — not simply from a great reputation — and exhibit worthiness and humility in our actions.