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Step by step, KEY helps realize your dreams on the challenging road to the university admissions

An application is a stepping stone to a prestigious school. Many applicants are in the home stretch of the application process, which could be extremely stressful as it could easily fall short and miss the mark.

Drawing a blank? Lack of inspiration? Whether to hire a professional writer? How to deal with a mountain of requirements?

From years of experience, KEY has compiled a blueprint for University application planning. This helps students save time and submit a perfect application to reach their dreams of studying at an ideal university!

  • A 360-degree comprehensive evaluation will quickly identify a students' personality characteristics, personal potential and long-term goals.
  • Expert consultant team offers one-on-one personalized consultation and planning.
  • We supervise the students to complete the materials required for each stage, thus creating very impressive portfolios
  • ALC® Master highly effective learning tools and activate inner motivation for self-improvement
  • Ignite Your Spark® Cultivate interests and explore potentials. Develop comprehensive soft skills that are essential for school enrollment and future career
  • KEY Career Incubator® Develop interpersonal and communication skills, and build networking resources for career development

If you still have questions about university application or writing, please apply to KEY's free university application consultation. Our many years of experience can help you with your application!

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With KEY, Ivy League schools are within reach

KEY has helped them enroll in top universities, and you can be the next one!


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Top30 universities admitted


Top50 admitted

A wonderful future starts with KEY's blueprint towards Ivy League Schools

All-encompassing, KEY's professional service helps you succeed with one leap

Academic Life Coaching®

KEY Career Incubator®

Ignite Your Spark®

Academic monitoring, reinforcement and advancement

360-degree evaluation

Top-notch consultant team

Customized application strategies

Professional writing team

Step by step, KEY helps realize your dreams on the challenging road to application

Early stage planning: 360-degree comprehensive evaluation, quickly positioning the student's personality, characteristics, potentials and long-term goals, creating a development plan that is the most suitable for the student, laying the foundation for entering a prestigeous school.

Customized application strategies: The expert consultant team offers one-on-one personalized consultation and planning, based on the latest enrollment trend and combined with the enrollment requirements from top universities, resulting in unique application strategies.

Guilding the whole process: We supervise the student to complete the materials required for every stage, creating the most impressive portfolio that wins the heart of the admission officer, making your dream school a reality.

Space is limited, first come first served.

Three unique tools

With unique tools like Academic Life Coaching®、Ignite Your Spark® and KEY Career Incubator® , KEY's mission is to help our applicants beat the competitors, while significantly improving the applicants during the application process.

  • Master highly effective learning tools
  • Activate inner motivation for self-improvement
  • Set goals and put them into actions
  • Develop high Emotional Intelligence and resistance to stress
  • Cultivate interests and explore potentials
  • Develop comprehensive soft skills that are essential for school enrollment and future career
  • Highlight personal specialities to create a superior application
  • Summer course at prestigious schools / scientific projects or competitions / professional internships / charitable activities
  • Develop time management skills
  • Set goals and master the method of putting goals into actions
  • Develop interpersonal and communication skills, and build networking resources for career development
  • Understand one's own personality and learning style, and its application to studies, work and life management

Four Key Stages

  • 360-degree comprehensive evaluation
  • Guide to North American Universities
  • Develop personalized application
  • Academic Life Coaching® Stage 1
    • Wheel of life learning experience review
    • Explore self potentials and values
    • Establish a learning system and position learning style
    • Develop executive qualities
  • KEY Career Incubator®
  • Ignite Your Spark® Stage 1
    • Review personal experience and establish a primary profile
    • Explore extracurricular activities and accumulate specific experience based on future university and career goals
  • Academic Life Coaching® Stage 2
    • Develop critical thinking: values, judgment, self-recognition
    • Strengthen academic performance
    • Identify passion and aspiration
    • Guide to professional course selections
    • Identify academic major and goal
    • Set goals for the next 3 / 5 /10 years
  • KEY Career Incubator® KEY
  • Ignite Your Spark® Stage 2
    • Target your personal strengths, potentials and direction to create unique sparks
    • Summer courses at prestigious schools / scientific project or competition / professional internship / charitable activities
    • Top consultant team reviews student files
  • Academic Life Coaching® Stage 3
    • Identify unique personal strengths, refine student files
    • Supervise and strengthen academic performance
  • Top consultant team reviews student files
  • US: ED/EA/RD application strategies
  • Writer's team helps with personal and supplementary documents
  • Guide to impressive recommendation letters
  • Interview strategies and mock interviews
  • Consultant regularly tracks the material preparation process
  • Next stage academic/career planning

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start my college admissions planning?

A: At KEY, we recommend students to start their college admissions planning as early as the beginning of Gr.8. Remember it’s never too early to start college admissions planning! Often, we see students struggle and get disappointing results due to limited time. So, come to KEY to get your customized college planning checklist and expertise on how to make your application competitive!

How do I begin my college applications?

A:Find out what goes into an application and begin collecting the materials you need. Create a folder for each college you are applying to. At the front of each folder, put a checklist of what you’ll need for the application and when it’s due. Come to get your application checklist and exclusive application tips from KEY!

Should I apply early?

A: If you are sure about which college you want to attend, early decision or early action might be the best choice for you. If you’re not sure, keep in mind that some early application plans require you to commit early. You may want to keep your options open. Let us help you to make the best decision on when and where to apply!